Dr Ng Eng Hen: Defending What We Fought For
Minister for Defence (17 Jan 2014)

About the Talk

Today, our greatest challenge is to manage success: the attendant stress and tension as we enter the league of developed nations.  Regardless of whether we got here in double quick time, we have to manage the flux that many other countries with much longer histories are facing – income disparity, rising aspirations, displacement dynamics of globalization, growing scarcity of essential products and services, economic turbulence, and the boon and bane of the internet.  These developments have led to the traditional and non-traditional security threats, that, if not promptly and decisively managed have the power to wipe out what we spent years to build: not just structures and institutions, but the heart and soul.  The question is how do we best protect this – the hardware and the heart-ware - and who should do it.  Is it duty, obligation, liability or privilege?

Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen opens U@live 2014, in a no-holds-barred, heart-to-heart sharing of his personal and professional perspectives on "Defending what we fought for" as individuals and as a people.


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Dr Ng Eng Hen Speaker for Jan 17
Dr Ng Eng Hen
Dr Ng Eng Hen
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