Ms Elim Chew: Fashioned By Change
Founder & President, 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd (11 Nov 2015)

About the Talk

Since starting streetwear brand 77th Street in 1988, Ms Elim Chew has embarked on numerous other projects that have seen her make a difference to society. “I believe creating change is always about the better good, done with the intention to help others. Don’t limit yourself,” she says.

Whether it is starting a movement to help the youth, or shifting perceptions about fashion, Ms Chew is always brimming with ideas on how to make a positive impact. But how does she come up with those ideas? And what motivates her?

While many struggle with change, Ms Chew has embraced it wholeheartedly and made it one of her life’s mantras. We welcome you to join this award-winning yet down-to-earth power woman as she speaks about accepting change, and making it a powerful associate in her endeavours.


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Ms Elim Chew Speaker for Nov 11
Ms Elim Chew
Ms Elim Chew
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