Dr Yeo Sze Ling : How Does the Visually Impaired Dream?
A*Star Research Scientist, (Infocomm Security Department) (28 May 2014)

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One of the most daunting challenges for the visually impaired in our society is the tendency of employers to focus on their weaknesses instead of their strengths, on what they can't do, instead of what they can do.
Dr Yeo Sze Ling, A*Star scholarship holder and the first visually challenged person in Singapore to pursue Maths up to doctorate level at the National University of Singapore (NUS), poses the poignant questions:  Without sight, how does the visually impaired person dream? Beyond the physical act of dreaming, can the visually impaired have dreams for their future?  
Join Dr Yeo as she shares her personal journey of navigating through school and work in a world without sight, her firm belief in perseverance and a positive attitude, as well as her wish to foster an inclusive and supportive community for the disabled.


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Dr Yeo Sze Ling Speaker for May 28
Dr Yeo Sze Ling
Dr Yeo Sze Ling
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