Jolovan Wham: U@live Featuring Jolovan Wham
U@live Featuring Jolovan Wham (21 Mar 2012)

About the Talk

He works for the rights of Migrant workers
Join us in March to hear why Jolovan chose the road less travelled

Jolovan Wham has been working with the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) since 2004. Working on the ground, Jolovan primarily works at the HOME help desk in Geylang listening to the needs of male foreign workers in Singapore. Together with his team, they provide employment advice to workers, help coordinate with government agencies and community partners to ensure the welfare and needs of foreign workers are taken care of and conduct mediation among workers, employers and employment agents to resolve work place conflicts.

Most recently winning The Online Citizen award for Social Worker of the Year, Jolovan drops by the Shaw Foundation Alumni House to share his perspective on the injustices facing the migrant worker population in Singapore.

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Jolovan Wham Speaker for Mar 21
Jolovan Wham
Jolovan Wham
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