Laurence Lien: Lead a Revolution
CEO, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre & Nominated Member of Parliament (25 Sep 2013)

About the Talk

Everyone has something to offer to the community.  But are we using them for social good?

Singapore has reaped many economic benefits that come from being a thinking nation. A nation where many of us have had the opportunity to attend school and learn how to solve problems and think critically. A nation where many have been given numerous opportunities to hone our talents and display our management skills at work.
But have we shown the same degree of enthusiasm and thought when it comes to social issues? Do Singaporeans feel compassion for the needy and a sense of ownership towards the place they call home? 
Join Laurence Lien as he shares his experience in working for the greater good.  Gain insights into the benefits of living in an inclusive society. Realise your ability to step out and make a real difference.  
Be involved. Take action now.


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Laurence Lien Speaker for Sep 25
Laurence Lien
Laurence Lien
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