Rani Singam: Passion Beyond Mere Contentment
Acclaimed jazz singer (19 Oct 2015)

About the Talk

A former deputy public prosecutor and State Counsel, Rani Singam has trod the path less travelled when she decided to leave an illustrious law career to pursue her two greatest childhood dreams: full-time motherhood and singing.

Rani Singam asks the searching questions: how can we, and why should we choose passion over mere contentment in our lives? How do we even defend this pursuit of passion in the face of comparison with other seemingly worthier careers?  

We welcome you to join the acclaimed jazz singer as she promises to bare the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the importance of having the choice to pursue our passions.   

U@live Speaker Series are moderated by Mr Viswa Sadasivan, Chairman of the U@live Organising Committee and Member of the NUS Alumni Advisory Board.


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Rani Singam Speaker for Oct 19
Rani Singam
Rani Singam
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