Aseem K Thakur: What would you GIVE?
Co-founder, (19 Oct 2011)

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Our youngest U@live speaker yet, Aseem drops by to talk about the small idea that made a big difference. Thakur is the co-founder of the online philanthropic platform, Beginning when he was only a student, Aseem along with a group of peers started an online movement that successfully sparked many of Singapore’s youth to start thinking about social change and to do something about it. Linked with over 40 charities and with a growing base of over 4000 donors and fundraisers, has already become a success in its own right, though some say that their story has only just started.

While Aseem seems to have taken the road less travelled, he is most definitely living the dream. Today, he is his own boss and works with a group of volunteers who are extremely passionate about what they do.  Though one of the main goals of is to raise funds for charities, Aseem sees the broader picture. “It’s not only about money” says Aseem who stresses the importance of giving in any shape or form.’s group of over 100 volunteers help out in various ways such as designing, blogging or even tweeting for the organization.

What about the future of Aseem is confident that the organization will continue to grow and reach out to event more people across the island. “We’ve got some big projects coming up” he says referring to the fact that was appointed the official fundraising charity platform for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore this year.

Not bad for a 25 year old.

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Aseem K Thakur Speaker for Oct 19
Aseem K Thakur
Aseem K Thakur
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