Mr K Shanmugam: The End of the Singapore Miracle?
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law (12 Jul 2013)

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The tectonic shifts shaking the big players are sending wave after wave of economic and political shocks to the rest of the world.  This colludes with unprecedented and irreversible socio-political and demographic realities within each country, exacerbated by the interconnected nature of things today.  

Talking of the future seems futile.  Yet, retaining hope is imperative.  After all, this is what has brought us this far, against the odds.  

We welcome you to join Minister K Shanmugam as he discusses these issues, and equally, the opportunities for Singaporeans. What are the prospects for our young graduates in the next 20-30 years? It will be a no-holds-barred dialogue.

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Mr K Shanmugam Speaker for Jul 12
Mr K Shanmugam
Mr K Shanmugam
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