Ravi Menon: Happiness – Why Are We So Unhappy About It?
Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (26 Mar 2013)

About the Talk

Measuring happiness is all the rage now.  Ranking countries by happiness rather than GDP is in vogue.  There is much angst today that we are not as happy as we ought to be.  Yet, the pursuit of happiness is as old as the hills.  The ancients – from Greece to China – had much to say about.  It is in the American Declaration of Independence; it is even in the Singapore Pledge.  Can happiness be measured?  Is happiness fundamentally a matter of choice or circumstance?  Is it relative or absolute?  Should happiness be an object of public policy?  If so, how?



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Ravi Menon Speaker for Mar 26
Ravi Menon
Ravi Menon
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