Mr Peter Ho: Breaking New Frontiers Globally in Scientific Engineering - A Singaporean Story
CEO of Hope Technik Pte Ltd (25 Oct 2017)

About the Talk

Unmanned systems, defense, bio-medical devices and special vehicles. These are niche areas of high-tech engineering in a Singapore-based company known as HOPE Technik, co-founded by CEO Mr Peter Ho (Engineering '03).  HOPE Technik has built four generations of SCDF Red Rhinos, exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation and together with French aerospace giant Airbus Defence and Space, developed a SpacePlane demonstrator to test a revolutionary vehicle that can jet off to the edge of space. With over 400 projects in 18 countries, Peter and his team are doing Singapore proud.

Tapping into the potential of robots, drones and smart innovations, Peter knows that there is so much engineering can do to increase efficiency and capabilities. Being one of the first to introduce these solutions, he and his team are trailblazers defining rules of automation and the new industry.

How does he imagine and engineer such awe-inspiring creations? Join us for an engaging conversation with mould-breaker and alumnus, Mr Peter Ho.


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Mr Peter Ho Speaker for Oct 25
Mr Peter Ho
Mr Peter Ho
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