Mr Antonio Meloto: Leaving No One Behind - One Man's Story
Founder & Chairman of Gawad Kalinga (15 Aug 2016)

About the Talk

The Farm Village University in the Philippines is an initiative by Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. (GK), anchored on its philosophy of Bayanihan (collective heroism) and Walang Iwanan (leave no one behind).

GK’s vision is to end poverty for five million Filipino families by 2024, by building integrated, holistic and sustainable communities in slum areas and remote rural communities. To date, there are about 2,500 GK communities in the Philippines and other developing countries.

Come for U@live and meet the founder of and the driving force behind GK, Mr Antonio Meloto, and be inspired by what one man’s unwavering faith in the human spirit and deep compassion for the poor can achieve.


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Mr Antonio Meloto Speaker for Aug 15
Mr Antonio Meloto
Mr Antonio Meloto
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