Hsieh Fu Hua : Who is at the gate?
Chairman of UOB and its subsidiary Far Eastern Bank Limited (23 Apr 2014)

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In a world overwhelmed by a myriad of noble causes and pressing needs, the concept of 'nearness' or relevance can galvanise our giving as we begin to see the needs that are right under our nose, and very close to our heart. 
Hsieh Fu Hua asks the soul-searching questions: Who exactly is my neighbour? What will move us to contribute from where we are right now, instead of when we are ready?
Join the President of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), as he discusses the heart of the matter in philanthropy, and a need for a paradigm shift to 'structured giving' in order to sustain a culture of giving to society, and volunteering in society.    


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Hsieh Fu Hua Speaker for Apr 23
Hsieh Fu Hua
Hsieh Fu Hua
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