Denise Phua: Determined to make a Difference
Determined to make a Difference (22 Aug 2011)

About the Talk

Ms Denise Phua is a full-time volunteer serving as President of the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore).  She also serves as School Supervisor in the School Boards of two special schools -- Pathlight School and Eden School.  She was elected as a Member of Parliament in the Moulmein-Kallang GRC (ex-Jalan Besar GRC) since 2006 and serves the Kampong Glam ward. Her key interests are in championing the needs and aspirations of people who are at risk of being left behind in Singapore, especially the needy and the disabled in the areas of education, employment and social services.

Join us this August to find out Denise’s quest to give a voice to the disadvantaged and disabled in Singapore.


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Denise Phua Speaker for Aug 22
Denise Phua
Denise Phua
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