Mega Ualive: NUS - What Do We Stand For?
Amb Gopinath Pillai, Mr Johnny Tan, Dr Gillian Koh, Mr Soh Yi Da (23 Sep 2015)

About the Talk

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Peter Marshall
2015 marks Singapore’s 50th year of independence as well as NUS' 110th year as Singapore's premier tertiary institution. In addition to its stellar academic and research achievements, NUS has produced leaders in every field, as attested by the speakers from the last 45 sessions of U@live.
In the face of increasing competition, how does NUS remain the premier university of choice and continue to play a pivotal role in nation-building?
In celebration of NUS 110, Mega U@live puts four prolific alumni on the same stage to discourse over “What does NUS stand for? What makes you an alumNUS?” Can a diplomat, a business leader, a researcher and a fresh graduate all trace the roots of their successes back to NUS? What did they gain from NUS (aside from their degrees) that propelled them to the forefront of their respective fields?
We welcome you to join the discussion with our distinguished panel, comprising Ambassador Gopinath Pillai, Mr Johnny Tan, Dr Gillian Koh and Mr Soh Yi Da, as they discuss the values they share with NUS and offer glimpses of their visions of NUS in the next 50 years.


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