About U@live
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About U@live

U@live (pronounced “U-alive) is a special monthly forum, launched in January 2011, to showcase the many accomplished members of the NUS community – students, faculty and alumni.

The idea of the platform is to inspire the young of today – students and beyond – to believe in a cause passionately and be committed to that belief. Hence the “U” in U@live stands for both the individual and the University that encourages him and where both the individual and the university flourish and come ‘alive’ with such ideas.

Every quarter, alumni and students, as well as some faculty and invited guests will gather at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium to listen and interact with our guest speaker. The programme for the 1.5 hour evening event (7.30pm -9.00pm) will be as follows:

  • 30 minute address by the speaker
  • 20 minute on-stage interview by Mr Viswa Sadasivan (veteran TV interviewer and NUS Alumnus)
  • 40 minute Q&A session with the audience

The event will be webcasted live through this website with an interactive forum that allows users to send real-time comments and questions to the speakers via Pigeonhole Live.